Comparison of Flooring Material

Attributes Ceramic Tiles Mosaic Tiles Marble, Kota, Cuddapa Granite PVS Tiles, PVC Carpets Woollen Carpets
Stain Stain free Will stain Will stain Stain free Will stain Will stain
Heat/Fire Resistance No effect Turns black Turns black No effect Highly effected Will catch fire.
Water Resistance Water Proof Absorbs water Absorbs Water Low effect Slightly effected Absorbs water
Acid/Alkali resistance No effect Highly effected Highly effected Low effect Highly effected Highly effected
Colours Wide range Wide range Limited natural range Limited natural range Limited range Wide range
Designs Wide range Wide range Limited natural range Limited natural range Wide range Wide range
Printing Long lasting Not possible Not possible Not possible Possible but not lasting Possible
Bending strength kg/cm 400 100 220 270 NA NA
Weight in kg /sq. mtr. 16 48 70 40 Light Light
Porosity Non porous Porous Porous Porous Non porous Porous
Echo Proof Low High Low Low Low
Bacteria Free High effect High effect Free Free High effect
Performance in 10 or more years As good as new Scratches appear and stained look Stained look and gets rough As good as new Needs replacement after 4 - 5 years Needs to be replaced
Thermal insulation Good insulator Bad insulator Bad insulator Bad insulator Good insulator Medium
Smell Free Medium Medium Free Free  
Maintenance Free Required Required Free Required Required
Cost Medium Low Average High Medium Medium
Fixing charges Normal Low High High Very high Nil
Fixing ease & time Easy 24 hours Difficult 15 days Difficult 30 days Difficult 45 days Easy 12 hours Easy 1 hour
Reflection of light High Low Marble Med. Kota Low Low Low NA
Frictional resistance Medium Good Medium Low Medium NA

The potentiality of the ceramic tiles over vitrified tiles can be understood by the following table. The technical specifications of vitrified tiles are given, in which some of the specifications are also fulfilled by the ceramic tiles, which is also shown in the following table:


Sr. Characteristics Vitrified Tile Bell Floor Tiles Bell Wall Tiles
    EN176 BI, , IS13756, ISO13006 BIa Bell norms Bell norms
A  Dimension & Surface Quality
1 Deviation in length +/- 0.6% Max. +/- 0.4% Max. +/- 0.3%
2 Deviation in thickness +/-5% Max. +/- 0.5% Max. +/- 0.3mm
3 Rectangularity +/- 0.6% Max. +/- 0.4% Max. +/- 0.1%
4 Surface flatness (warpage) +/- 0.5% Max. +/- 0.4mm Max + 0.5mm
5 Surface quality Min.95% free from defects > 95% >95%
B  Physical Properties
1 Water absorption (%) <0.5% 3% to 6% 10% to 20%
2 Bending strength (N/ >=27 Avg. 25.506 N/mm2 AVG. 15.7N/mm2
3 Scratch hardness (Mohs) >= 3 Minimum 6 Minimum 7 Min 3
4 Resistance to surface abrasion To be specified by mfr. Group V -
5 Crazing resistance Required Passes 2 cycles at 7.5kgs/cm2 steam pressure Passes 2 cycles at 7.5kgs/cm2 steam pressure
C  Chemical Properties
1 Resistance to household chemicals Required Minimum class A Minimum class B
D  Thermal Properties
1 Thermal shock resistance No damage Resistance to 10 cycles Resistance to 10 cycles
2 Thermal expansion Max 9x10-6 K-1 at 100C Max. 9E-06 at 100 c Max. 9X10-6 k-1 At 100 c.

As per the above table, the third column shows the technical specification of vitrified tiles as per EN176 BI, IS13756, ISO13006 BIa. 4th and 5th column shows the technical specifications of ceramic tiles for floor and wall respectively, which are followed by Orient Bell Limited.

As ceramic tiles rates are cost effective with compared to vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles mostly achieve many technical specifications of the vitrified tiles that we can easily understand from the table shown above. For example, in case of surface quality, dimension, deviation in thickness, rectangularly, scratch resistance (Group V), crazing resistance, thermal shock resistance, co-efficient of liner expansion, resistance to household chemicals, bending strength the ceramic tiles is mostly same in comparison to vitrified tiles.

Twelve reasons to buy Bell ceramic tiles

• Can be laid any where in the house.
• Can be laid on any flooring
• No need to polish
• Easy to lay, ready for use in just 48 hours
• Non-Slippery, matt finish options available.
• Wider choice of designs and colours.
• Stronger than marble.
• Maintenance free.
• Scratch & Stain resistance.
• Does not accumulate dust & is easy to clean.
• Resistant to acid and alkalis.
• Resistant to temperature changes.